New Ponds & Swim Ponds

Imagine Your New Pond… 


At Streamworks Designs we are pond owners and enthusiasts who know the power of having your own water feature. We believe every yard is complete once it has a natural pond or swim pond, and it’s our job to build them! As Vancouver’s premier pond and swim pond builder and designer, we cant wait to get started on your backyard paradise.

There is nothing that compares to the tranquility, peace and lifestyle that a pond provides for a home. Whether you are entertaining, water gardening or swimming, a pond draws people and families together like no other backyard space. 

Imagine having a vacation destination right outside your door! You’ll never want to leave your yard.

Koi Ponds


Koi Ponds for the Outdoor Enthusiast

We want to help you reconnect with nature and feel relaxed in your space. After long days staring at screens and feeling cooped up, we need a way to let go… and a pond is the perfect solution.

  • Tranquil sounds of flowing water
  • Bringing nature to your door
  • A gathering space for family and friends
  • Low maintenance

If you dream of relaxing beside a natural pond, feeding the fish and enjoying the calming sounds or water and nature then a koi pond is the choice for you. We will work together to design and build the perfect pond for your space, get in touch with us today.

Swim Ponds Vancouver


Swim Ponds for Those Warm Summer Days 

Enjoy the ideal stay-cation with your own recreation swim pond. We know that feeling of plunging into a natural lake or river, you can now have that right outside your door. 


  • Fun for kids, pets and families
  • Float and cool off on hot summer days
  • No Chemicals, no harmful additives
  • Crystal clear water through biofiltration
  • Add jumping rocks, night lighting and more

Swim ponds are the new must-have, and Streamworks Designs is Vancouver’s expert swim pond builder and designer. Why build a classic chlorinated pool when you can replicate a natural lake in your backyard? Add a jumping rock, a rope swing or even zip line! The options are endless with a recreation swim pond, get in touch with us today learn more.


How do our natural ecosystem ponds work? Ecosystem Ponds work with Mother Nature to create a habitat for fish, plants, wildlife and microorganisms. Streamworks designs prides itself on building natural, bio filtering ponds that run crystal clear without the use of dyes and chemicals.

They are low maintenance, self-sustaining, and provide limitless hours of enjoyment for family and firends. Our signature custom swim ponds also utilize these natural cleaning processes and allow for safe, clean water for kids and pets to swim in.